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Heat. Eat. Save. Repeat!

The Snacksters Big Stack is the perfect burger, any time of the day. But the great thing about the Big Stack is that it gives you the chance to build a better burger and put the “i” in personalise! Whether you load with lettuce, garnish with gherkins, toss on tomatoes, overload with onions or do something completely outrageous we want to see how you stack up! What are you waiting for?

Looking for ways to pimp your burger? Let Snacksters show you how to turn a Big Stack into your very own work of art.

Start the day the right way with a Breakfast Stack. Use all the usual Big Stack ingredients but with the addition of a fried egg, bacon, hashbrown, tomatoes, lettuce and maybe even a sauce of your choice.

For this little beauty you can add a fried egg, pineapple and lettuce to the usual Big Stack bits and pieces. If you love pineapple on a pizza you’ll love it even more on a Hawaii stack.

Slap on the salami, chuck on some extra mozzarella, lettuce and tomato and your Italian stack will have you shouting “Mamma mia” in appreciation of your Italian styled invention.

Can I have some Mac ‘n’ Cheese please? You certainly can, as long as you add it to your Big Stack! Creamy, cheesy goodness to make your burger even better.

For this Mexican inspired creation you can add crunch with a hand full of nachos, spice things up with a generous dose of jalapenos as well as some added smoothness with a slice or two of Monterey Jack. Feeling even more adventurous? Why not add some creamy guacamole and a healthy dollop of home made pico de gallo.

Do you even love burgers if you’ve never added some onion rings and chicken tenders? We don’t think so. With all the usual ingredients of a Big Stack you can put your own stamp on a timeless classic by adding your sides, inside to make the perfect Stack & Sides burger!

Fish fingers on a Big Stack burger………why not?

Yorkshire Puddings with gravy and trimmings has never looked so good. Make your Sunday Dinner stand out and show the world that you know what you’re doing when it comes to creating burger brilliance. By ‘eck it tastes good!

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