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It’s all about the MMM!
Making Mealtimes Marvellous.

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing that special “MMM” sound when something sensational touches our tastebuds. It’s even better when it comes from family and friends around the dinner table or relaxing in front of the TV. That’s why we’ve decided to help with more moments of “MMM”! Because we really want to Make Mealtimes Marvellous!

With a whole range of dining delights that are ready to eat or ready to heat we’ll help fill your fridge & freezer (and your tummy) without emptying your pockets.

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Frozen Favourite

We’ve taken the hassle, and the cost, out of takeaways with our amazing range of Frozen Favourite Fakeaway.

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Chilled Deli

Lunchtimes should never be dull and with our delectable range of Subs, Paninis and Bagels you can say “Fuhgeddaboudit it” to boring.

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Wraps and Subs

Food on the Go that delivers big on flavour and convenience.

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Ideal for any caterer looking for quick and easy fillings for sandwiches, wraps, subs, salads or jackets.

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How do you Stack Up?

Looking for ways to pimp your burger? Let Snacksters show you how to turn a Big Stack in to your very own work of art.

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